Friday, February 8, 2013

We made our "Expecting Announcements" they came out even better than I had hoped! Rami was cooperative for maybe 20 minutes, anything else after that was pointless. But my sister did an awesome job!

I am now 13-14 Weeks. Last night I had a dream about the baby kicking. I really can't wait for my next appointment. I feel like in the beginning of pregnancy the time between appointments just goes on forever!

When I ask Rami if he wants a baby the answer is still "No" We are working on fixing that. I think it may be easier when we know the Gender of the baby.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yesterday was my third clinical day, I got to spend it in the Catheter Lab! I got to see a pacemaker changed out, I got to watch a Cardiac Catheter done, and also a TEE which to me just looked like a sonogram of the heart. It was pretty awesome. Even better news I did not faint. I think at one point I felt it coming so I popped in a glucose tablet and it seemed to do the trick! I really think it just has something to do with me standing, because I was fine untilI I was just standing watching them prep the procedure room and I didn't have anything to lean on, they usually keep those rooms really cold and I just started feeling really hot...and the other 2 times I fainted that was the first sign I had was me getting hot...idk.

Other big news, for my birthday in December I had treated myself to an At-Home Doppler, I actually don't use it as much as I thought I would but after my really great day yesterday, I decided to try and I was able to get the babies HB at home it was around 157 and it was so distinct. It was nice.

I also feel like I definitely look more pregnant today than I have the past couple weeks. I worked out a bit yesterday and when I got on my spin bike I just felt so in the way of myself it was uncomfortable.

Today is my first Exam of the semester..i'm super nervous....Just hoping to pass!

Anyways I only had one person respond to my last posts poll but I'm going to keep it going

Boy or Girl?

Boy 0
Girl 2

Friday, February 1, 2013

Good News!

So today I was able to go to the Doctors! I got approved for Clinicals in writing, they also did some blood work...i'll get called if anything looks abnormal. Lets cross our fingers that its all good! :)

Another happy mom had a dream the other day that I was having a girl...kinda exciting. I don't think anything else exciting has happened since the last post...I feel great.

Also by my counting I'm 12-13 weeks yesterday which means that we are closing up our first trimester and discomfort and weight gain ahead whomp whomp whomp.

Rami and I had a conversation about bringing a baby home today..he told me "No baby! Baby is dirty!" he always says things are dirty when he doesn't want them...but usually that's only referring to food.

I'm thinking of starting a poll.
What do you think we are having?
Boy or Girl... Comment Below!

If it doesn't work Text me what you think!

XoX Dana <3


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So I couldn't decide if I was going to continue with my Blog but upon further request I think I'll be updating regularly now...

Okay so its been a while. I had my appointment with the specialist...I actually had 2 appointments with them...we could not find my basically either A) its somewhere in my body or B) it had fallen out with no symptoms of falling out (cramping/bleeding). As long as i'm not having any pain I think we are good. Our plan of action is after delivering I'll have to schedule an appointment to get an X-Ray done and since its a Copper IUD it should be clearly seen if it is in there somewhere.

At both of my appointments with the specialist I was able to hear and see the baby's heart beat which was a pretty exciting event. I haven't had any sonograms since. I'm pretty sure at those appointments I was anywhere from 4-6 weeks. They did say I was measuring a little small...My expected Due Date is beginning to mid August...I think at my next sonogram I will get a more accurate measurement.

I did find out at my last Dr.'s visit that I am unable to go on my planned vacation this summer because I will be too far along in my pregnancy which kind of sucks..but what can you do?

I have had a lot of different pregnancy symptoms than I had with Rami...for one I get Nauseated alot :(...I haven't wanted or craved any asian food...if you know me I'm sure that blows your mind...I'm always super tired, I have constant heartburn...Tums have become my best friend..I have also been super emotional, I mean I know women are emotional but I will read a really touching story and it will make me tear up or I will watch a episode of Baby Story on TLC and i'll just start to tear up, its just so weird....I haven't really put on that much weight but I sure do feel bigger.

Other Big news... We have told most of our family and friends...I'm working on getting a cute baby announcement made but just haven't had too much time to get that put together with school and work.

Nursing school has started back and furious! I have an exam next Wednesday! Keep me in your prayers. So far I love my new Clinical location. My first day on the floor went pretty good, no melt downs like last semester. I got to listen to a Fistula and feel it. I also got to give a PEG tube feeding and Meds Via PEG tube! The nurse I shadowed was really awesome, she was so informative and helpful. All the patients I assisted with were so friendly and inviting, it just makes me feel like THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO! Turned in my first Careplan of the semester today feel pretty good about it so far..but you never I feel like it always starts off that way and then you get it back and it looks like your professor bled all over your paper lol

So my only bad news of this post is that I've been randomly fainting, I'll get like really hot and then dizzy and then my vision gets blurry. Its happened twice so now I have to go in and get some tests done as well as get a form saying i'm allowed to be at Clinical that I'm not a risk to myself or patients.  So far its been an easy fix, I just need to sit down for a couple of minutes and have some water and everything returns to normal and actually both times it happened I felt wonderful the rest of the day...but it does kind of feel scary so i'm just waiting to be able to be seen hopefully soon...My Next Scheduled appointment is Feb. 20th I should be 15-16 weeks by then. And on both occasions I have had good breakfasts and have been well hydrated...I know thats everyones next question.

Hopefully I get approved for Clincal because if not this wil put my nursing school plans on hold :( which makes me super upset just thinking about it. But I pray to God that is not going to be the case.

Thanks for following!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello again,

I promise I have not forgotten about the blog, I just haven't really gotten any new information...The only thing that has changed since the last post is my anxiety level...I am happy to say I have officially scored well enough to pass my first semester of nursing school...I still have a skills exam tomorrow but I'm not too worried knowing I could not take the exam and still pass the class lol...I've never been satisfied with a C but nursing school will really change that in you...

I'm just so happy to have made it this far. There have been so many points in this semester that I just didn't want to continue. I'm proud that I've hung in there. I know it will all be worth it. Now that i'm pretty much done with my first semester, I can be honest with myself...I had no idea what I was getting into...its just not exactly what I imagined. But i'm happy to be here, i'm happy to learn, and i'm happy to help :)

I'm super anxious about my appointment on Wednesday... I keep having the worst dreams. I'm really hoping Wednesday will come with good news and it'll put my worries to sleep. I just want everything to go well... thats not too much to ask right?

I will update wednesday night! Wish me luck :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

How it all started..

Let me tell you a little about myself,

My name is Dana and I have many roles, I am a mom, I am a student, I am a wife, I love to cook, I love crafts....this list could go on forever so lets get to the good stuff... I am finishing up my first semester in nursing school. I have an amazing husband Will. We made the most awesome kid in the whole world 2 years ago. He is the light of my life.  I'm still in school, after I had my son we figured the most appropriate thing to do was get the most effective birth control out there...or so we thought... almost 2 1/2 years ago we decided to get the Paragard IUD. I just figured no hassle with the pills, no shots, no hormones, no worries. I had my yearly check up on November 30th and to my surprise the IUD strings were no where to be found( I was sure they were there a couple weeks ago)...we took a precautionary pregnancy test and there you have it...I am Pregnant... well I could be? My Dr. decided to get some blood work done, make sure it wasn't a false positive which can happen sometimes...We also got a sonogram done to find this missing IUD...after what felt like forever...they came to the conclusion that the IUD looks to be embedded in my uterus...I don't know if its just me but even though I wasn't planning for this little one, something about me just got instantly attached, like, "oh i'm pregnant, I really hope this baby is ok." I got the blood work results about 4 days later and it confirmed Hcg hormone was present, I am pregnant.... I had so many things going through my head...I couldn't find that much information about my particular situation I decided, why not blog it?....My family and friends can stay updated with my pregnancy, nursing school, and just life in general... and I can have a place to put my worries to bed...I'm guessing i'm about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant...I have made an appointment next week with a Perinatal specialist and I will be able to find out more...I know I am going to get another sonogram done then and they are going to tell me what our plan is going to be....

I guess I should keep my mind open, if the location of the IUD and the embryo @ this point are in a safe range, I think we will continue with the pregnancy, and if the location of the two is going to be a large safety issue for me then our choice would be to get a D&C done. Only time will tell...

All in all next week is going to be packed full! I have 2 finals, a important Dr. appointment and my father-in-laws birthday I am looking forward to getting next week over with!

Pregnancy Symptoms:
-Sensitive to smell
-Tender breasts

For those of you wanting more information about Paragard...